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7 Beauty Tips From Son Ye-Jin Everyone can easily follow

There is no debate Son Ye-jin is one ravishing actress. Apart from her acting prowess alone, the Korean star's beauty and poise have captivated millions of hearts – including husband Hyun Bin's!

From her glowing skin to toned physique, there’s much to learn from this Korean beauty who looks stunning from every angle and turned the big 4-0 in this year. With this in mind, we can’t help but wonder how the Nation’s First Love managed to maintain her timeless classic beauty. Here are seven of her secrets.

Disclaimer: These tips might not land you a heartthrob actor husband, but you might get a few extra compliments.

No complex skincare routines

The popular K-beauty method isn't for So Ye-jin who discovered she has oily skin. The actress said in an interview that "Having too many steps is too much. I prefer something simple," and reiterated that it all depends on the person's skin type! Son Ye-jin’s advice is to cut through the noise and find products that meet your skin needs — and stick to them.
She also mentioned that “Nowadays, it’s easy to get information online. There are a lot of products in the market, so I think it’s important to try the products to know what suits me best. I believe there’s no one product that fits everyone or serves their skin concerns and purposes. So I’ll decide which products to use depending on my skin concerns, whether it’s feeling sensitive or dry.”

The importance of cleansing

Son Ye-jin is meticulous about cleansing her skin. Initially, plain water used to be her go-to for cleansing her skin but over time, once the actress discovered she had oily skin, she swears by cleansing her face with a cleanser. “Even when my schedule ends late at night, I would still cleanse my face,” she reiterates that going to sleep with makeup on is an absolute no-no.
The Baeksang Award winner uses a steam towel for facial cleansing to open the pores followed by an exfoliating cleanser. She then rinses her face with lemon water to help the pores contract.

Use sheet masks frequently

For a quick fix and a boost of hydration before an important event, Son Ye-jin believes that sheet masks are extremely effective. In a 2017 interview, Son Ye-jin confessed to using a facial mask daily. Not only does this help to replenish hydration, but it can also work as a calming step whether you mask in the morning or at night.
This is perhaps why the actress brings along sheet masks whenever she travels, including a facial mist to ensure her skin stays hydrated when she’s flying. Finally, she brings along fresh aloe vera to soothe her skin if she’s going a place where she will be getting lots of sun.

Say yes to sunscreen!

Perhaps the most crucial step that many of us miss is to apply sunscreen at the end of our skincare routine. Sunscreen is a mandatory product in Son Ye-jin's vanity. “When I’m out, I always ensure that I apply sunscreen and a bit of BB cream or foundation because it helps to protect your skin from dust particles and the UV rays from the sun,” she said, according to Singapore’s Female magazine. This works much better than not wearing any makeup base at all, the actress revealed.

Do Pilates

The secret to Son Ye-jin’s long, lean physique? Pilates. The actress has been practising Pilates daily for over a decade and has even gotten a license to teach it professionally.
Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that focuses on strengthening the core strength and improving muscle condition, among many other benefits.

Your lifestyle, matters

Like any skincare expert or even nutritionist will tell you, what goes inside your body reflects on your skin. Son Ye Jin also believes in the same ideology.
The actress ensures she drinks enough water throughout the day. With a tight schedule, the actress adds that getting enough sleep might not be on the cards for her but "I try to drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fruits," the actress said during an interview.
In addition to her daily breakfast, Son Ye-jin also attaches great importance to the supplementation of collagen. Therefore, she fully exerts her strict standards for skincare, hoping that girls can follow her, starting from daily life, and easily maintain a good complexion.

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