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2023 May Madness Sale

【Bundle Of 2】Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus Tablet (Double Effect) 30S X2

SGD 72.90 SGDSGD 119.90 SGD

【Bundle of 4】M2 TRX Super Burn Calories EX 30s x 2 boxes + Extreme Firm ABS EX 30s x 2 boxes

SGD 132.90 SGDSGD 291.60 SGD

Dr May Ace Wrinkle Solution 10ml + B3 Acne Solution Serum 10ml + AIO Perfect Solution 10ml

SGD 108.90 SGDSGD 170.70 SGD

【Bundle Of 2】Ujuwon Ba Zhen Taiwan Instant Nourishment Drink

SGD 59.00 SGDSGD 98.00 SGD

【Bundle of 2】 M2 22Lab Super Collagen Drink 8s x 2 Boxes

SGD 91.90 SGDSGD 135.80 SGD

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Calories Control Enzyme Tablet 30S x2 + Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet 30S x2

SGD 89.90 SGDSGD 159.90 SGD

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus(Double Effect) 30s x 2 Boxes + M2 22Lab Super Collagen Drink 8s x 2 Boxes

SGD 147.90 SGDSGD 255.60 SGD

【Bundle of 3】AROMASE Oily Scalp 3-Step Set (Large)

SGD 69.90 SGDSGD 159.70 SGD

Mirae Ex8 Minutes Instant Moisturizing Mask 5s x 2 boxes + Mirae Facial Sonic Cleansing Device

SGD 118.90 SGDSGD 219.70 SGD

【Bundle Of 3】Simply MCT Golden Latte Enzyme Powder 8s + MCT Green Smoothie Enzyme Powder 8S + MCT Red Latte Enzyme Powder 8S

SGD 46.90 SGDSGD 119.70 SGD

Ludeya 2nd Generation Microcurrent Lifting Massaging Poller + 6D Lifting Power Infusing Cream 50g

SGD 322.90 SGDSGD 610.90 SGD

Painfree 3 in 1 Electrotherapy Device

SGD 100.00 SGDSGD 133.00 SGD

Mirae Ultra Firming Solution + Retinol Serum 30ml + Facial Treatment Cleanser 120ml + Moisture Lift Mask 3s

SGD 69.90 SGDSGD 146.70 SGD

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Super Concentrated Double Enzyme Tablet 30Sx4

SGD 139.90 SGDSGD 266.90 SGD

【Bundle of 2】Simply Cranberry + Probiotics Tablet 30s x 2 Boxes

SGD 48.00 SGDSGD 113.80 SGD

【Bundle of 2】 Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Diet Ex Plus Drink 15ml x 7 bottle + Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Night Beauty Ex Plus Drink 20ml x 7 bottle

SGD 89.90 SGDSGD 169.80 SGD