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» 【Gift】Cellina Nourishing Cream 60g(Random Select) (100% off)

Love its taste, it feels very refreshing

M2 Super Collagen 3800 + Ceramide Drink 8s



After taking 2weeks my skin becomes smooth tender n brighten 🥰 This is the products that has the fastest effect among all the products I have taken before 😍 love its so much 💕

M2 22LAB Super Collagen Night Drink + GABA 8s x 2 Boxes + Super Collagen Drink 8s x 2 Boxes

Aromase Red Rose Damage Recovery Conditioner 400ml

Can’t lose weight and body shape unchanged after consuming many products

Is there anything that can help to lose weight by the fastest ways?

【Bundle of 4】Simply Super Burn Night Metabolism Enzyme DX Tablet 30s x 4 Boxes

【Bundle Of 4】Simply Calories Control Enzyme Tablet 30S x4

Great product, Great experience

I've been came across the Enzyme this product from the social media, been aware quite number of people amazed with it's great effect after the consumption hence decided to give it a try for myself. Well, although it's just 2 weeks after my purchased however I can feel the daily intake for myself which has been reduced, despite the starve feeling will come sometimes.

Nowadays body feel slightly lighter, and the running I can exceed more miles than expected, and of course I feel more energized during the day time. Hope the product to continuously help me better diet in future.

Dr Clovelle Anti Bacteria Hand Sanitizer Spray 200ml

【6 Months Supply Set】Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Ex Plus Tablet (Double Effect) 30s x 12 Boxes

Fast delivery. Products received in good condition. Repeat orders.

So far so good. Will try for a month. Hope it will give me great surprise and result.

Dr May B3 Pore-Refining Treatment 125ml + Dr May B3 Anti-Acne Facial Cleanser 120ml

2nd purchase

This my 2nd purchase, after taken 6 months my skin can feel different.

Brighter skin

I love it, I repurchase them multiple times as it brighten my skin.

DX tablet

Almost finish one bottle, yet slim down

» 【Gift】CATISS New Cat Palm Lip Balm Tortoiseshell Cat Berry Flavor 3g (100% off)
CATISS New Cat Palm Lip Balm Tortoiseshell Cat Berry Flavor 3g

Very moisturising.

» 【GIFT】Premium Facial Cleansing And Massaging Brush(Random Select) (100% off)
Eunice Phuah

» 【GIFT】Premium Facial Cleansing And Massaging Brush(Random Select) (100% off)

【Gift】iQueen Lucky Ang Bao Red Packets 5s

Value of money and super fast delivery

Thanks for the super fast delivery..and value of money..will purchase again