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Odout Potent Activated Carbon Granules 80g
  • SKU: P-OD-PET-002

Odout Potent Activated Carbon Granules 80g

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 [Content]  80g
 [Ingredients] Activated Carbon (Treated With Purified Water),Natural Zeolite,Green Tea Extract,Persimmon Extract,DL-Malic Acid
 [Storage Instructions] Keep Out Of Direct Sunlight & Store In A Cool Dry Place
 [Usage Directions] 1.Add 1 Pack of Potent Activated Carbon Granules to 4kg or less of cat litter & mix well
2.Use 1 pack for cat lovers with 1-2 cats.Use 2 packs for cat lovers with 3-4 cats. (Add One Extra pack for every additional 1-2 cats)
 [Origin] Taiwan
 [Shelf Life] 3 years
 [Cautions] 1. Keep Out of reach of children & pets
2. This product is NOT for ingesting.Seek Immediate Medical Treatment if Ingersted in Large Amounts