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Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet 30S
Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet 30S
  • SKU: P-SB-HF-007

Simply Night Metabolism Enzyme Tablet 30S

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Function- Help digestion and promote metabolism with the rich enzyme ingredient list. Improves bowel movement and flush away the bad staff. Enriched with probiotics to restore healthy flora in the big and small intestine. 

Ingredients - Maltodextrin, synthetic essential amino acid, chestnut skin extract, patented probiotics, patented compounded plant extract 

Directions to Use -Daily consumption of 2 tablets before bedtime, consume with room temperature water

Shelf Time - 3 years 

Origin - Taiwan 

Caution - 

1. Store under dry shady place that is hardly reached by the children, and avoid exposure to high temperature and direct sunlight. 

2. Edible by vegetarian. 

3. Not recommended for pregnant woman or person who have allergy to any ingredient of this product, person with physical discomfort or under special circumstances, please consult doctor (pharmacist) before the consumption. 

 4. Use up as soon as possible after the unsealing.


【规格】 - 0.6g/锭 ; 30锭/盒

【主要功效】- 帮助消化,调整体质,促进代谢,提升身体的分解力,益生菌使身体排便顺畅

【食用方式】- 每日睡前食用2錠,配合溫開水


1. 素食可用。

2. 孕婦或對本產品任一成份敏感者忌食,身體不適或特殊狀況者,請先徵詢醫(藥)師意見再行食用。